WC Dams Filling Up Thanks To Recent Rainfall

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The Department of Water and Sanitation said that some of the Western Cape’s largest dam levels had seen a steady increase since the start of winter thanks to recent rains.

Most state-owned dams in the province were currently, on average, about 64% full, with a 12% increase on last year.

This time last year, residents in the Western Cape were nervous and anxiously keeping their eyes on the province’s dwindling dam levels.

For a number of months, the threat of day zero loomed.

Water and Sanitation Department spokesperson Sputnik Ratau said that six of the province’s largest dams had reached a capacity of 80%.

This time last year they were at 58%.

Ratau, however, said that the department remained concerned about the slow recovery of dam levels in the Karoo and Southern Cape region.

“We are concerned about dams in the Karoo, where the Gamka Dam stands at about 39.6% as well as the central Karoo where the Leeugamka Dam is standing at a very dry 0.2%.”

Ratau added that the last four years had seen little to no rain in the Klein Karoo, Greater Karoo, Central Breede River and Southern Cape areas, with significant rainfall last occurring there in 2011.


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