The Curious Case of the New Years Day Betty’s Bay, South Africa Aerial ‘Torch’ Fire

I will be uploading a ten minute trailer behind this video for my next Premiere: “500 Days of Climate Chaos: From Caitlyn Jenner’s Paradise Camp Fire to the Aerial ‘Torch’ Fire in Betty’s Bay”

I have prepared a two plus hour video looking at Never Niges YouTube Channel assertions that the latest ‘Smart Wild Fires’ are really machine A.I. operated Aerial Torch Machines. Plus we will be looking at (based on the recommendations of Never Niges) to revisit the 500 days after the infamous French Foreign Minister predicting 500 days of ‘climate chaos’ on Earth had nothing to do with Global Warming. Some interesting things came out of Day 500. I will be looking at Mia’ New Pair of Glasses channel and one of her latest videos on plasma attacks on Planet Earth my main video.

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Here are the links that I will be using in my next two videos looking at these Aerial Machines and the craziness of the Mexican Gasline Slaughter and the Betty’s Bay, South Africa “TORCH” Fire of New Years Day.

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Travis Scott
Stop Trying To Be God

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