South African Officials Actively (2019)

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The Ethereum Classic network has been hacked within period from 5 to 8 January. As the result the hackers have stolen a significant sum. The representatives of the trading platform acknowledged the fact of attack and started to pay compensations to the victims.
A few days later after the attack the unknown hacker had decided to return stolen coins. The ETC team has concluded a contract with SlowMist aiming to find and arrest the criminal. From January 2019 SlowMist has started to cooperate with all of the platforms where ETC coins had been stolen.
January 14, 2019 the official page of Ethereum Classic on Twitter published information that Chinese detectives have found enough evidence to find the criminal.
Just after the release of such information the hacker decided to return the stolen assets. These events had a bad impact on the company’s previously impeccable reputation. Perhaps, after SlowMist’s announcement of the investigation’s results the image of the coins should be improved.
Anyway, arresting the hacker may result in making the crypto industry to be more protected and keep other scammers from conducting such activities.

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2 comments on “South African Officials Actively (2019)

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