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South African based non-profit organization namely, Centre of the Advancement of Participation in Internation Relations (CACPIR) has revealed plans to launch a new initiative dubbed “Search Africa” which is Africa’s first purely digital music competition to be launched simultaneously in every country on the African continent.

The initiative is the first step in establishing a proudly African music and artistic platform for emerging creatives while encouraging collaboration, sustainability, development and growth across borders, #RosGwen24 can reveal.

“Search Africa is open to submissions from musicians of any genre and age, the process to entry will be simple and convenient as relevant links and a WhatsApp number will be made available on social media prior to the launch date making it even easier to enter on time,” said Tiisetso Mosholi who is the Project
Initiator of this Search Africa program.

Search Africa’s submissions will be made in the form of a 1-8 minute performance video, after being reviewed by virtual judges from each respective country, and the best selected will be shortlisted and uploaded on social media for voting accompanied by information on how to vote and a link.

The program will consist of numerous rounds, public discussions and challenges to keep online audiences engaged and excited. It will be an experience like no other from the comfort of your homes for both audiences and contestants.

“Well right now we have about ten corporations that have partnered up with us but interested sponsors are free to contact us directly on our WhatsApp platform through the following number +27 62 992 5799 or send a formal submission through which is our email,” said Mosholi.

Search Africa is launched in association with Ekovibez, Wedigitize Agency, Hype Ghana , Kultured Kreatives Media, Imbaraga Radio, Xrated Uganda and more.

A first of its kind, Search Africa is the next phase of the digital evolution and the 22-year-old CACPIR Project leader Tiisetso Mosholi told RosGwen24 News he is looking forward to a positive embrace from entertainment lovers.

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