SA Home Affairs System Needs To Change

chada home affairs - SA Home Affairs System Needs To Change

An immigration law firm who’s assisting a Zimbabwean mother banned from entering South Africa to see her critically ill son has called for changes to be made to certain immigration policies.

Elizabeth Chada is restricted from visiting South Africa, due irregularities with her visa.

Her 12-year-old son is at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital fighting leukaemia after he was diagnosed in May last year.

A Cape Town-based law firm has opted to helping the family by getting the mom back to her son’s side as soon as possible.

Immigration lawyer Gary Eisenberg said it was his moral obligation to step in and assist.

“If a person leaves without a visa endorsed into her passport, the mother of a very ill child, for instance, the Department of Home Affairs through its passport officials should decide whether there’s a sufficient cause for declaring the person undesirable. The system should change to be more careful.”

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