SA Churches Hold Nationwide Prayers For Chloe Collins Detained In Oman

IMG 20190813 WA0051 - SA Churches Hold Nationwide Prayers For Chloe Collins Detained In Oman

The plight of 23-year old, Cape Town-born Chloe Collins has prompted local churches, of which she was an active member, to hold nationwide prayers as she is scheduled to appear in court for the first time in September 2019 after being detained without charge in the Middle Eastern country of Oman since May 2019.

Chloe, a devout Christian and Youth Member at numerous churches, has credited her faith and prayer for carrying her through the debilitating fear and uncertainty of this period. 

The bubbly performing artist is widely beloved in her community. Her family have been inundated with messages of support and encouragement received on social media and in private from former teachers, friends, and fellow parishioners in response to the news of her detainment. 

Detained without charge or legal representation 

Chloe, from Kraaifontein in the Western Cape, has been in police custody in Oman without charge for over 100 days, without regal representation. 

Although the exact details of the case remain a mystery, Chloe appears to be held in lieu of her brother who is considered a person of interest in the death of an Omani taxi driver. 

Her brother had also worked in Oman briefly and was sent home by their employer, following an apparent mental breakdown in the Middle Eastern country. On his arrival in South Africa, he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and is currently receiving treatment in a mental institution as a ward of the state.

A lonely day, in a far away Court 

Chloe is scheduled to appear in court this week without legal representation. The agenda for the Court appearance remains unclear. Her family – of modest means – cannot afford the cost of a lawyer in Oman. Her family are only relying on collective prayer to see her through.

This tragic situation has been severely traumatic for all involved. The family continue tirelessly with fundraising efforts, believing in the power of faith and prayer for Chloe’s safe return home.

Simone Carolissen, Lawyer and Family spokesperson: “Chloe’s family and loved ones once again thank the public for their ongoing support. We are overwhelmed by the community’s kindness”. 

“It cannot be accepted that any South African young woman, plagued by high unemployment, who are offered work abroad, can be detained in any country that maintains normal diplomatic ties with South Africa, without charge or legal representation for many months. We call on the South African government not to forget Chloe.”

Any donations to assist with Oman legal expenses can be made at 

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