Prasa Terminates Contracts With Private Security Companies

prasa - Prasa Terminates Contracts With Private Security Companies

JOHANNESBURG – The Prasa board said it had resolved to terminate its contracts with private security companies as they did not yield the results required.

Cable theft and crime on coaches still remain a major challenge, with Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula saying it needed to be addressed.

Acting CEO Nkosinathi Sishi said the irregular contracts had to be terminated, despite management citing business continuity.

“From now onwards, we are going to work with police and the committee of all State Security agents. From 1 November, they’ve been a part of our security effort.”


Prasa said since the inception of a war room, its overall on-time performance had increased to 63%.

The war room was launched by Transport Minister Mbalula in August.

The project was aimed at addressing safety and security concerns and the quality of operations.

Mbalula painted an encouraging picture of the affairs at Prasa since the inception of the war room.

He said among the successes cited was that speed limits have been reduced by 25 kilometres per hour.

“Already, progress has been made towards ensuring an increase in train sets, availability, improved on-time performance.”

But safety remained a major concern: “This is one of the areas where we need to really double our efforts to ensure that those who use our services are free from harm, while the work done from Prasa in addressing security gaps is encouraging, we need to accelerate our interventions.”


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