PIC Inquiry: Ntuane Speaks About Suspensions And Dismissals At PIC

Luyanda Ntuane - PIC Inquiry: Ntuane Speaks About Suspensions And Dismissals At PIC

The former executive head of IT at the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) claims he was unfairly suspended due to a conflict with the then CFO Matshepo More.

Luyanda Ntuane testified at the PIC commission of inquiry about his tenure which ended abruptly in May 2016 after facing allegations from whistleblowers.

More, who he says was difficult to work with, is now the CEO of the PIC.

Ntuane described a frosty working relationship with More.

He said it was frustrating and disempowering working for her because she wouldn’t meet him in person and would delay the approval of critical requests.

He said this impacted on his work and affected operations in the IT division.

Ntuane said he was eventually given a suspension letter which accused him of procurement irregularities and sexual harassment, which he has denied.

He also described an environment where many people, even those in top positions, were victimised at the PIC.


Former head of IT security at the PIC Simphiwe Mayisela says he was working closely with the police on the allegations against the CEO at the time Dan Matjila made by an anonymous whistleblower.

Mayisela testified at the PIC commission of inquiry. He was fired last year because he had failed to inform the CEO that he was being investigated by police.

He says he was initially instructed to uncover the identity of James Nogu, the anonymous whistleblower who was sending emails to the PIC board specifically about allegations against Matjila.

Mayisela says in order to establish the IP address of the sender, he would need a subpoena which can only be done through the police.

The police then opened a case of corruption looking into the details of the allegations instead of the identity of the sender and explained to Mayisela why the person’s identity would not be revealed.

“Because doing so would only discourage ordinary citizens from interacting anonymously with law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.”

In June, last year, it was reported that Mayisela’s boss Vuyokazi Menye received about R7.5 million to leave the organisation while Mayisela was dismissed following a disciplinary hearing.


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