Pathologist Testifies On Jeremiah Ruiters’ Injuries

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A pathologist has continued to testify against a Kensington woman and her boyfriend on trial for the neglect, rape and murder of her 18-month-old son Jeremiah Ruiters.

Jeremiah Ruiters was apparently beaten to death in June 2017.

Abigail Ruiters has been charged with child neglect, while Ameerudien Peters has been on trial for rape and murder.

Pathologist Marna Du Plessis testified about bleeding in parts of the toddler’s brain and spinal cord, caused by blunt force trauma.

Her forensic report revealed that Ruiters died of multiple injuries.

Du Plessis said the child’s hair, skin and nails were dirty and she observed poor nutrition as he was underweight and his brain was smaller than was expected for a child his age.

The 18-month-old had several extensive injuries and fractures all in different phases of healing.

When examined post-mortem, the boy’s nasal bone was sticking out.

It was alleged Peters, who was looking after the toddler on the day he died, raped, beat and stabbed him.


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