Opposition Parties Unimpressed With WC Budget

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Opposition parties in the Western Cape say they are frustrated by Finance MEC Ivan Meyer’s 2019 budget speech.

The African National Congress (ANC) said the budget was bleak, while the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) said it was hopeful services would improve.

The R67 billion budget was tabled in the legislature on Tuesday.

Meyer allocated R24 billion to health services and R23 billion to education, but the ACDP’s Ferlon Christians said although billions are invested yearly, service levels remain poor.

“We are investing so much money when it comes to education and health, but do we get the services when we are at clinics, hospitals, do we get those services? We don’t get those services [and] our services have not improved.”

The ANC’s Carol Beerwinkel said the Democratic Alliance-run government was boasting about services it’s supposed to deliver.

“These things that they boast about, libraries, services, title deeds, allocation, those are conditional grounds from national government that we’re giving you money to do this”

The various departments are expected to deliver their budget plans in the coming weeks.


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