Minnie Dlamini Jone’s Shares Her Take On The New Olympe Rose

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Mumm Olympe Rosé is a new cuvée created in collaboration with Usain Bolt, Maison Mumm C.E.O. (Chief Entertainment Officer) since 2016. The House and Bolt have worked together to create this champagne reserved for the most vibrant celebrations in the world. The name “Olympe” evokes Bolt’s successes, specifically the Olympic medals that he has obtained over the years.

Mumm Olympe Rosé brings to life, the daring spirit of the House when it comes to exploring new territories in the world of champagne, with the addition of a liqueur de dosage aged in cognac barrels. Intense, lively and fresh, Mumm Olympe Rosé is characterized by the intensity of Pinot Noir and its subtle gourmet notes.

Minnie Dlamini-Jones’ take.

  1. What do you like the most about the new Olympe Rosé?

My friends like Demi -sec which is very sweet, and I enjoy the Brut which isn’t sweet at all. So, I find the Olympe Rosé is right in the middle. A perfect compromise for my champagne days with the girls.

2. How would you describe the taste?

The flavor is unique, it doesn’t taste like any rosé champagne on the market.

3. Olympe Rosé with the girls? Or with bae over dinner?

Both, for sure. Why do I have to choose? Lol.

4. What is your favourite thing about the champagne brand, G.H Mumm?

I love being part of an innovative international brand. It is a brand that is always pushing boundaries.  I’m constantly creating content and pushing beyond my limit when it comes to my career. So being a brand ambassador for G.H Mumm keeps me on my toes and ahead of global trends.

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