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For any copyright, please send me a message.  A row may be bubbling up over the Love Island hot tub, with bosses warned to use it “sparingly and wisely” during filming in drought-stricken South Africa.  The winter show is using a villa in Cape Town and local officials have asked ITV to “be considerate” when filling the tub for contestants to flirt in.  The city almost ran dry three years ago and is still recovering  Sputnik Ratau, of the Department for Water and Sanitation, said: “Where there is an overt kind of activity that really almost shows as if there is no consideration for proper water conservation, that would be a concern for us.”  , where housemates can spend time alone.  A Love Island source said: “We are, of course, acting in line with local guidelines.”   Councillor Xanthea Limberg said there are no restrictions on hot tubs but she added: “Saving water has become a way of life for us.”  She welcomed the film crew to Cape Town and said: “This industry creates a number of job opportunities.”  Twins Eve and Jess Gale, 20, are unlikely to be seen in the hot tub together.  Jess said: “There won’t be a threesome in the villa.”  She said any bloke making that suggestion always receives the same response.  She said: “We are like, ‘Shut it down’.”  *Love Island starts tomorrow, ITV2, 9pm.

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