Latest IRR Election Poll Shows Decline In ANC Support

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The African National Congress (ANC)’s chief whip Jackson Mthembu says his party is greatly concerned by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) latest election poll, which shows a decline in support for the ANC nationally and especially in Gauteng.

The findings of the poll, carried out in February, put the ANC’s support at 54.7% nationally, down from the 62.1% it garnered in 2014.

In Gauteng, the IRR poll has the ANC at 41%, a drop of 12% from the 53.6% it won in the last general election setting the stage for a possible coalition government.

Briefing after the ANC’s final caucus meeting at Parliament on Thursday, Mthembu said the poll’s findings will galvanise the party to redouble its campaign efforts.

Mthembu said the IRR’s poll results have jolted the party.

“The polling – does that worry us? Definitely; the polling worries us. That we are very low in Gauteng worries us greatly. We are very concerned. There is no way that we cannot be concerned. That we have gone down from the 56% in the previous polling to a less 1.3% at national level – it worries us.”

Mthembu said the party will be spurred to greater efforts: “When we are worried, we even forget about our factions. You will see us at work. When we are threatened with losing state power… we are not working towards a coalition government – even in Gauteng by the way.”

Mthembu said as the ANC’s campaign intensifies ahead of 8 May, the polling numbers will change. He said he expects the ANC to return with an increased majority.


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