Is South Africa the most corrupt nation in the world?

Are you feeling a little down about where South Africa is right now? Is the election season news cycle depressing you a bit? Have you still got a Zuma hangover?

Do you want to understand the keys to unlocking South Africa’s true potential?

If so, join futurist & proudly South African, Graeme Codrington, for an exclusive, live webinar about “South Africa in the 2020s”. He’ll be presenting our team’s latest work that looks at South Africa in a global context, analyses the institutional pillars of our country, and looks at key problems and solutions we’re facing now and in the next decade.

Most importantly, the main focus of the webinar invites each of us and our organisations to consider what we can do to contribute to a better future in South Africa. The goal is to be practical and inspiring, giving people ideas of what they can actually do and helping them to see the country through fresh eyes that are hopeful and confident in the future.

Join us for an hour long live webinar that will change your perspective, and give you hope. We’re only running 2 live webinars on this topic, so be sure to register below and share it with your team at work and your family at home.

Register at
Dates: 18th & 19th March
Times: 1pm & 6pm
Hosted by: Graeme Codrington, TomorrowToday

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