Herman Mashaba On Disrupted Alexandra Meeting

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After Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba was barred from addressing Alexandra residents in Marlboro on Monday evening, he joined 702’s Bongani Bingwa to talk about the matter.

Mashaba had failed to visit the area after residents implemented a shutdown, citing unhappiness over service delivery.

“We need to be very careful and not start changing the narrative that is well orchestrated. We have to differentiate between the plight of Alexandra residents and the orchestrated violent protests by the ANC,” Mashaba said.

“I would advise that you get a copy of the presentation that I was going to make yesterday, I went out of my normal prescribed legislative framework so that I deal with the issues of Alexandra.”

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba said he was surprised by South Africans who said he didn’t want to address grievances by the Alexandra community.

“On the day that this sudden protest erupted, I immediately sent one of my senior guys there and look at how he was racially abused. I find this very strange that this matter is totally overlooked. Because Micheal Son is of Chinese descent, no one worries about him. He was hackled in front of the media, no one said anything. Then people say I didn’t take this matter seriously.”

He believes that the people that disrupted the meeting on Monday were drunk.


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