Herman Mashaba ‘Convinced’ Johannesburg Has Illegal Immigrants Issue

Herman Mashaba - Herman Mashaba ‘Convinced’ Johannesburg Has Illegal Immigrants Issue

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba says after two and half years in government he’s convinced, now more than ever, that the city faces an illegal immigration problem.

Mashaba was delivering his third state of the city address under a multiparty government.

The Johannesburg mayor’s views on immigrants have been largely criticised and he’s also been accused of fuelling violence against foreign nationals.

Earlier on Tuesday, African National Congress (ANC) councillors staged a walkout after Mashaba accused the party of creating the problem by failing to secure the country’s borders.

Mashaba used his address to talk tough on undocumented immigrants in the city and reiterated his views on the matter.

“There can be no doubt that the immigration crisis in South Africa is adding pressure on the government to provide services with our limited funding.”

Mashaba said the ANC had ignored the immigration problem for far too long.

“Illegal immigration will not be treated with any level of importance until a different party occupies the Union Buildings after 8 May.”

This prompted ANC councillors to walk out.


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