FF Plus Calls For Scrapping Of Policies

ff plus - FF Plus Calls For Scrapping Of Policies

The Freedom Front Plus has called for the scrapping of affirmative action and quota policies at universities and other organisations.

The party launched its manifesto on Saturday at the Rockwood Theatre in Pretoria.

Leader Pieter Groenewald has slammed the BEE policy labelling it as black elite enrichment.

He says the high number of black graduates is why affirmative action isn’t needed.

“Stop affirmative action. In fact, if you look at universities and the number of students graduating, the black students are fare in the majority. At the moment, South Africa is playing the price for affirmative action at Eskom.”

Groenewald said challenging affirmative action needs to be spoken about even if it isn’t politically correct.

“People say we shouldn’t talk about these things because they are politically incorrect. We must be honest with each other, that is how crime will stop.”

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