Everything Wrong With South Africa

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South Africa is a great country but we have a lot of economic and political problems. I thought I’d explain them and try to hash out some solutions to them for the sake of interest and education.

I’m a third-year Computer Engineering student at the University of Pretoria (Tuks) but also do a whoooooooole lot of other stuff. Check out the rest below…

All of the thoughts in this video are my own and what I see as big problems in the country. You might disagree and that’s alright. Let’s have a discussion about this country of ours.

Everything wrong with South Africa:

1.) Loadshedding + Eskom. Without electricity there can be no industry, economic growth and no essential services. Most important thing with no electricity there is no sanitation and no water supply. Disastrous! Nuclear energy and constant loadshedding is the answer.

2.) Economy shrunk 0.6%. This means businesses are closing, less products and services are being produced, there is less foreign investment and there are fewer jobs being created. Need to deal with the power issue, taking a strong stand against necessary labour disputes with the unions and get out of the way of businesses.

3.) SAA + corruption. SAA lost R10.4 billion rand in last two years because of mismanagement, corruption, being overstaffed and inefficient, government bailouts and weak leadership. Need to shut it down to avoid further burden on the taxpayer.

4.) Unemployment – 29%!!!! Actual stat is 38.5% if include people not looking for work! Nearly half of the country not working. Majority of the population is unskilled and doesn’t have any opportunities. Need more vocational colleges, better education and less union disputes.

5.) Education – The WEF’s 2014 Global Information Technology Report ranked South Africa 146th for the overall quality of its education. Matric pass rate purported to be 70.7% but actually around 43.7% because of all the people (500 000 or more) that have dropped out since grade one. The Southern and Eastern African Consortium for Monitoring Education Quality (SACMEQ) found that 60% of Maths teachers, educating learners from grade 1 to grade 6, failed to pass tests for Maths at the grade level. Needs skilled and committed people to turn the education system around.

6.) Crime, GBV and rape committed by disenfranchised people without jobs and social services, with massive income inequality and a government that doesn’t really care. Cops seem to do little to prevent crime and criminals get away with whatever they want. Solution is to train police officers better, enact something similar to New York’s Broken Window Policy and to hold everyone accountable no matter their political affiliation.

7.) Lack of political direction, strength and competency in the country. Leaders haven’t done much to inspire confidence recently with countless corruption scandals, mismanagement, waste and infighting. Need greater political accountability, a return to the morals of the constitution and solid fair economic plans to address the inequalities in the country and need for desperate economic growth.


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My name is Mitch Williams and I’m a twenty year-old living in South Africa. I am really passionate about learning, technology, photography, cinematography, reading, hiking, always improving and am studying Computer Engineering at The University of Pretoria (Tuks). I am also constantly trying to make the most of my brief time on this floating rock we call Earth.

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