Eskom: No Load Shedding For Now

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Eskom said that it was working to prevent more breakdowns at its power stations but for now there will be no load shedding.

Earlier this month, the utility declared stage 6 load shedding due to numerous breakdowns and wet coal.

Eskom said that technical teams would continue to work at reducing unplanned breakdowns to below 9,500 megawatts to minimise the possibility of load shedding.

Its breakdowns were at just over 13,729MW as of 06:30am on Monday morning.

The power utility said that a drop in demand due to the holidays had helped the utility to keep the lights on.

A number of large companies cut their power consumption earlier this month, with economists concerned about the impact on the country’s growth.

Eskom then responded by saying it would keep the lights on for the festive season but there were concerns about next month.


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