Eskom: No Immediate Threat Of Load Shedding

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Eskom say there’s no immediate threat of load shedding this week but has warned that the power grid is still under pressure.

The power utility has been the cause of frustration and uncertainty for many businesses after almost a week of load shedding that went all the way up to stage four last week.

Eskom says that poor power generation still remains an issue and it will know on Wednesday during the budget speech how Treasury will intervene.

Spokesperson Andrew Etzinger: “When we look at the week ahead power will be constrained but at this stage, we’re not anticipating load shedding. If we do, however, see a number of our generators fail, the scenario will change and we will come back to the public if we do see a change to the outlook.”

South African’s have weighed in on the crisis at Eskom: “SOE’s in South Africa are needing a bailout far too often,” one woman said.

“When it comes to Eskom, I’ve given up on trying to understand what’s going to happen,” another woman said.

“It’s a tragedy that we are in this situation because of negligence by the people in charge and the administrators of the company,” lamented another citizen.


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