Enrollment Plan Designed To Prevent Over-Crowding

unisa 2 - Enrollment Plan Designed To Prevent Over-Crowding

Department of Higher Education and Training says its enrollment management plan prevents over-crowding and maintains the quality at tertiary institutions.

Several post-graduate students doing Unisa’s Certificate in the Theory of Accounting, or CTA, program have been unable to apply for their final year of studies as the program is full.

Unisa says this is due to the Enrollment Management Plan which places a limit on the number of students allowed in a course.

The university says this is the first year the Enrollment Management Plan has been implemented on a post-graduate level.

But Dr. Diane Parker, the Deputy Director General for university education at the Department of Higher Education and Training, says the plan is not new as it’s been in implementation for more than ten years.

Parker says while she can’t comment on the Unisa matter as she isn’t aware of the specifics of the case, she finds it strange that a university does not have space for current students who are already in a program.

She says the plan is linked to funding and helps ensure budgetary targets are maintained.

These targets are negotiated between the department and institutions ahead of every year and if an institution goes way over or under – they get penalised.

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