EFF to Address Corruption, Unemployment And Crime

eff manifesto - EFF to Address Corruption, Unemployment And Crime

As the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) gears up to unveil its elections manifesto at the Giant Stadium in Soshanguve, the party is expected to address issues of unemployment, crime and corruption.

During the party’s fundraising gala dinner in Fountains Valley last night EFF leader Julius Malema clarified that his party is not in support of a media tribunal.

Malema insists the red berets want to root out embedded journalism where individuals have outwardly become defenders of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

He says the party wants the media to self-regulate.

“We want the media to develop a thick skin because they get it wrong sometimes and when they are called out they must not be cry-babies. If the media becomes embeded we must expose it.”

The EFF leader says the party’s love/hate relationship with the media is not personal.

“We need the media to investigate and expose corrupt activities including in the EFF. The EFF is not special.”

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