Cops Monitor Mamelodi After Housing Clashes

Mamelodi - Cops Monitor Mamelodi After Housing Clashes

JOHANNESBURG – Police say they are monitoring the situation in Mamelodi after clashes between residents over newly built hostels.

It’s understood a group of about 50 men wielding weapons sealed off the hostels earlier on Tuesday, demanding that the occupants, the majority of whom are foreign nationals, leave.

The group accuses foreign nationals of illegally occupying the residences and insists they are the rightful owners as locals.

Police say no one was injured in the clashes.

The police’s Johannes Mahesu says: “The councillor in that ward and the officials are there negotiating to find solutions on how it [space at the hostels] should be allocated. As police we’re monitoring for any violence.”

WATCH: Rival groups clash at Mamelodi hostel


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