Commuter Electrocuted, CT Trains Delayed

trains - Commuter Electrocuted, CT Trains Delayed

CAPE TOWN – A man has died after being electrocuted at Philippi train station.

Authorities, including police and paramedics, are on the scene.

The man was on the roof of a train coach when he was electrocuted.

Standing near the body of the man who was electrocuted, train driver Vuyo Jaxa explains what happened.

“I was in front and when I stopped the train I saw a group of people at Philippi station shouting that there’s a fire on top of the train.”

Trains have been delayed due to the tragedy.

Many commuters aren’t sure where or when to catch a train.

While authorities investigate, hundreds of commuters have little choice but to stay on the platform, with some crossing the train lines.

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