CNN Breaking News – South African boy, three, killed ‘by children aged seven and eight who tie him u

Athree-year-old boy has been murdered and two children, aged seven and eight, have allegedly confessed to tying him up with rope, beating him with stones and throwing him off the edge of a dumpsite.The unnamed boy was found dead near a dumpsite in Gueteng, South Africa, just one kilometre from his home yesterday.During the alleged confession, the children said that they pushed him down a mountain-like slide and when they went down after him they noticed he had a cut on his head.They said that when they tried to wake him up he wouldn’t move.The boy was reported missing on Saturday when he didn’t come home from playing outside.His father thinks a third party may have been involved because he doesn’t believe two young children would have been able to move a dead body.He told Times Live: ‘I understand the children could have been playing and a mistake happened, but a dead person is heavy.’There is no way they would have been able to pick him up and put him inside a sack.’There is an adult involved somehow.’ He claimed the parents of the two children who have allegedly confessed to his son’s murder haven’t been in contact with him.The three-year-old went missing after he was given an afternoon meal that he left untouched and told his mother he was going to play outside.Family friends have said they have been left reeling from shock and that while the young boy would play like other children, he wouldn’t go far or get lost because he was ‘too clever’.
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