CAA Urges Travellers To Be Patient

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SAA planes - CAA Urges Travellers To Be Patient

The South African Civil Aviation Authority has urged travellers to be patient after all South African Airways (SAA) flights to the Blantyre Airport in Malawi were cancelled.

The organisation took the decision to cancel flights after it found a lack of maintenance, unreliable emergency services and poor infrastructure in and around the airport.

It’s now the responsibility of the airport to bring it up to minimum international safety requirements, a move which SAA or the aviation authority cannot determine.

The authority’s Phindiwe Gwebu says, “We derive our revenue from passengers paying a safety charge. It is our responsibility to make sure that all the operations in terms of a complete value chain do meet the international safety standards.

“And, therefore, it’s in their interest to make such decisions.”

SAA cancelled flights to ensure safety for its passengers.

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