Battle to repatriate remains of a South African continues

A young South Africa bartender, Buhle Bhengu, who worked on a cruise shop died recently after she fell ill while her ship was in the Bahamas. The Bahamian Government, who diagnosed her death as TB, initially held her body from transport back home to her family for closure, had then last agreed to release it.
However, late yesterday the family were informed that she must be cremated in the Bahamas and that her relatives have a day or two to get there, as it has to be done within 3 days. Bhengu’s former employer is paying for the family’s flights. The family are not only scrambling to get their travel documents but they also want the SA government to assist them in doing an autopsy before the cremation as they don’t believe the fact that she died from TB. We are joined by Wayne Ncube, an attorney with the Lawyers for Human Rights … and on the phone by Buhle Bhengu’s sister Mbali Bhengu.

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