Angelo Agrizzi: ‘Near-Death Experience Made Me Expose Corruption at Bosasa’

state capture - Angelo Agrizzi: ‘Near-Death Experience Made Me Expose Corruption at Bosasa’

JOHANNESBURG – Former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi says it took him a while to expose corruption at the facility’s company because he had a near-death experience but now wants to rectify his mistakes.

Agrizzi is testifying at the state capture commission which resumed on Wednesday morning.

The company, which is believed to have over R10 billion worth of contracts with government, has been accused of large scale corruption involving senior officials.

It also emerged last year that Bosasa paid R500,000 into President Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidential campaign in 2017.

Agrizzi says he was so deeply involved in criminal activities at Bosasa that he started to think they were all above board.

“You become so engrossed with what is happening that you start believing that was is happening is right. I was blunt, I kept quiet and I should have exposed those illegal activities from day one.

When asked why he was only speaking out now, he said: “I had a near-death experience where I was admitted to hospital and I had a tumour in my heart and I was in a coma. When I came out of the coma, myself and my family made a conscious decision that we would clean up where we had made mistakes before.”

The commission says Agrizzi has submitted evidence to prove his claims, which includes audio recordings, photographs of confidential National Prosecuting Authority files on the company and a video of the CEO counting R110,000 in cash which was meant for a beneficiary.

WATCH: State capture commission resumes


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