Academy Awards – Demonstrating The Gender-Fluidity Fashion Movement

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“Putting on those heels made me feel the most masculine I’ve ever felt in my life. It was empowering to let that part of myself free.” So said Billy Porter about his breath-taking tuxedo gown in post-Oscars interview with Vogue. Named ‘Lord of the Red Carpet’ by the indomitable Fashion Critical, Porter perfectly demonstrated the gender-fluidity fashion movement that’s dominating many catwalks currently. For Chris Viljoen, Fashion Director of, this marks an exciting new direction, “I think in general, people who don’t conform to stereotypes are very exciting. I love the celebrities who take fashion risks and march to the beat of their own drums.”

Porter was one of many wow moments.  Some as priceless as the flabbergasting ‘frosting’ Gaga sported in the form of that 128.54 carat, yellow Tiffany Diamond. Viljoen’s other top looks for the night included Charlize Theron in her sleek periwinkle Dior gown and eye-catching Bulgari necklace, Regina King in a white Oscar de la Renta gown, Awkwafina in a metallic jumpsuit by Dsquared2 (plus matching tequila-containing flask-cum-clutch), Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton (despite being compared to a waffle/Furby, the dress definitely turned heads!) and the ever-elegant Sarah Paulson in pretty, pink Valentino.

Viljoen says pink is a huge trend he believes will continue to dominate this year. Especially given that 2019’s pantone is coral. Another top trend is the nod to retro. Both were perfectly encapsulated by the gorgeous ensemble worn by Jason Momoa, “Even more important than Jason’s fun, 80s scrunchie was his amazing pink velvet suit! Velvet jackets have been ‘in vogue’ for a while and I certainly expect to see more of them as we creep closer to winter.”

While Oscars elegance can be tricky to emulate (unfortunately, we don’t all have personal styling teams on-hand), it’s very possible to mirror the top trends at home. As always, Viljoen’s advice is to make it your own, “For me, the most exciting thing about fashion will always be the individual expression it allows to shine. Whether you’re opting for a beautiful black dress like Gaga, a velvet jacket like Jason, or trying variations of the multiple pastel, dusky and coral-pink tones on offer everywhere, add a playful, personal touch to elevate the look.”

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