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The SABC has announced that SABC 3 talk show, Real Talk, will not be returning for a fifth season. The channel is currently airing repeat episodes of the fourth season. The news comes seven months after Azania Mosaka took over as host from Anele Mdoda who was at the helm for three years.

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In a statement released on its website, the public broadcaster said, “the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) would like to announce that SABC 3’s talk show programme Real Talk will not be returning for a 5th season, when the current episodes of Real Talk, which are repeat episodes conclude. The decision was taken following the new direction which the channel will be taking. The SABC would like to thank Cheeky Media for their hard work and dedication in delivering Real Talk to SABC 3 audiences.”

SABC cancels Real Talk. Here’s a look at the full statement.

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