SA Celebs Who Left Twitter Because Of Cyberbullies

SA Celebs Who Left Twitter Because Of Cyberbullies. As much as social media helps celebs to be in touch with their followers, sometimes it emotionally weighs them down. We live in a world of trolls and clap backs. Many people take on others just for the sake of likes and relevancy.

Unfortunately celebrities are hit the most by these negative trends. The likes Of Unathi Nkayi, Pearl Thusi as well as Bonnie Mbuli have at some point left Twitter because they couldn’t take it no more.

Unathi Nkayi

Unathi Msengana  - SA Celebs Who Left Twitter Because Of Cyberbullies

Unathi has definitely seen it all in the cyber streets. Cyberbullies have body shamed her, criticized her music and her looks. Although the media personality and singer is one of the most calm celebs, she isn’t safe from the fierce Black Twitter. In an interview on Behind The Story, Unathi revealed that she left Twitter due to people being “vicious” and “cruel”. She decided to no longer let people have that much access to her.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi Twitter - SA Celebs Who Left Twitter Because Of Cyberbullies

The queen of clap backs had to take a break after she was dragged hard over the colourism and yellow bone privilege issue. She was in a heated twar with Bonnie Mbuli over the issue. The emotional actress was left in tears and took to her Insta Stories to express her sadness over some of the words shared. As a of introspection, she decided to delete all her tweets and go back to the drawing board, in an effort to do better. All seem to be well as Pearl is back now.

Bonnie Mbuli

Bonnie Dark 1010x1024 - SA Celebs Who Left Twitter Because Of Cyberbullies

Bonnie Mbuli deactivated her Twitter following a brief twar with Sho Madjozi last month. Sho Madjozi addressed the plight of bad leadership and crime in South Africa, to which her fans commended her for her well thought-out statement. However, Mbuli questioned the statements, alleging that the rapper’s statements were not her own words. Mzansi didn’t seem impressed by Mbuli’s nasty comments. Fans of Sho Madjozi had a field day on Twitter, roasting Mbuli. She seemingly couldn’t handle the cyber bullying, she deactivated her account. Just like Pearl, Bonnie is also back.

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