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Our features writer Fundiswa Nkwanyana visited the opulent Italian restaurant in Sandton that is frequented by Joburg’s trendsetters and foodies.


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As I walked into the restaurant, my eyes became fixated on the extravagant and classic Italian renaissance decor that has a contemporary urban flair. This eatery is beautifully decorated with luxurious finishes, soft textures, contrasting colours, grandeur art pieces and dramatic light fixtures. The enchanting and playful decor lured me in and made me feel welcome. I was greeted by a friendly hostess, before a waiter ushered me in. It took me over 10 minutes to choose a table because I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to sit by the bar above a deconstructed sculptor, the table above a dome in the ceiling that projects images, the cute round table by the plants or by the huge windows with amazing views of Sandton; every table was tempting.

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Saint Food Fillet of beef from the fire bean stew herb salsa 250x250 - REVIEW: Saint Restaurant
Saint Food Pizza with cured meats fresh tomato talegio cheese 250x250 - REVIEW: Saint Restaurant
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Saint Food Salad with orange Burrata salsiccia coriander seeds honey 250x250 - REVIEW: Saint Restaurant

There are plenty of classic Italian dishes with a modern twist to choose from, and the wood fire and pasta dishes stood out for me. The menu is divided into bar snacks, salads, pizza, grill, pasta, risotto, gnocchi and desserts. I love that the price for the food starts from R65 up to R285, making it friendly for every budget. The portions are very generous, and it was plated beautifully, but I was not blown away by the taste. I found that there were too many rich flavours in the dishes. However, I’m glad that the menu changes seasonally because there is a chance that I might find a meal I enjoy on the new menu. I love that the menu caters to every budget and occasion, whether you are looking for something to nibble on or want a gourmet meal, you are bound to find something that suits you. Even though the food was not up to par for me, I was impressed by the cocktail menu that had drinks starting from R100 upwards. There are plenty of cocktails to choose from, ranging from classic to trendy new drinks.

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Saint Entrance 1 400x267 - REVIEW: Saint Restaurant
Saint Bar Interior 11 400x250 - REVIEW: Saint Restaurant
Saint Bar Interior 2 400x267 - REVIEW: Saint Restaurant

I will definitely go back because it’s so enjoyable to be in an establishment that is elegantly decorated. It felt good to immerse myself in all the opulence and to be surrounded by attentive staff, great music and amazing decor. There is something alluring about this eatery that will keep you coming back for more. It’s a worthy establishment to frequent for every occasion. For more information visit

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