What Density?

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WHETHER dealing with the concentration or the mixing ratio, the density of liquid media is of high importance in many processes such as in the food or chemical industry.

INSTROTECH is able to offer Kobold’s DWF mechanical density meter, specifically for the monitoring and continuous measurement of liquid media and 2-phase liquids. Once it is calibrated to the respective medium, the density is measured by means of a float and transmitted to the outside without magnetic contact. Even multi-phase media can be safely managed with this measuring principle.

At 1 % of the measuring range, the repeatability and linearity of the robust field device are very high. The stainless steel or Hastelloy instrument can stand medium temperatures up to 150° C and pressures up to PN 40. Three different sizes ranging from a maximum of 2,500 L/h to a maximum of 10,000 L/h make it possible to optimally adjust the system to the respective task. Here, the nominal widths of the process connections are DN 25 for the smaller device and DN 50 for the two larger devices.

An easy-to-read mechanical indicator is located directly on the measuring device. The electrical output signal 4… 20 mA is for remote transmission. Additional limit value contacts can also expand the application possibilities as needed with the respective switch outputs and a transducer with communication protocols such as HART®, Profibus® PA, or Foundation2122 - What Density? Fieldbus. With an IP 65 degree of protection, the high quality and robust measurement instrument is very well designed for a harsh process environment. It fulfills the industrial norms and standards and is certified for use in explosive areas.


Overview of DWF’s main features:

  • A large spectrum of wetted materials
  • Magneto-resistive signal transmission
  • High-temperature application (option)
  • High-pressure application (option)
  • Excellent heat tracing technology


The sensor DWF is used for density metering of liquid media in pipes. The scale on the device shows the density rate expressed as grams per liter or kg per mÑ. Applications include density metering, -monitoring, and control of liquid media. The meter’s design as mechanical device is excellent for processes under difficult and rough operating conditions. The device is also available with additional electrical equipment for process monitoring and control.

  • Contact INSTROTECH for more information on Kobold’s DWF mechanical density sensor, for monitoring and continuous measurement of liquid mediaon 010 595 1831 or sales@instrotech.co.za

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