Gauteng health says no monkey business happening at its hospitals

Gauteng health says no monkey business happening at its hospitals

. South Africans were left in shock after a video of monkeys invading a ward full of patients at a Durban hospital circulated. In the video, monkeys can be seen under hospital beds, while others dangle from poles while eating food stolen from the patients. In the video, one patient can be heard telling the monkeys to get out. “I don’t know if I’m behind on what is news, but what’s going on here? Why are there monkeys in a hospital?” asked Mo Flava, whose comment left his followers speculating about which hospital the monkeys may have invaded. Some suggested the Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital in Gauteng as it apparently had problems with an influx of monkeys in search for food. “You should see them at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital. They even snatch doctors’ cellphones, that time they have to run to theatre for surgery and the monkeys will pass each other that phone,” said @Keemetswe94, while @ChawaneKgopotso wrote: “It has to [be] George Mukhari in Garankuwa, they serve as wa…

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